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Our story

We are three friends who met at different stages of life, between school and university. From the beginning, we were united by a passion for handicrafts. 

In our everyday office jobs we were missing exactly that - to shape and create something with our own hands. 
We missed the feeling of working on wood until it was perfect in our eyes. The smell that is created in the workshop. To knock the wood dust out of your clothes in the evening after work and to look proudly at your day's work together with your friends.
So we made the decision to start our own business. For our workshop, the former chicken coop was converted without further ado. Until recently, a few chickens were happily clucking here.
The foundation stone was laid - since then we have been making different products from the natural and sustainable material wood with love and passion to pass this passion on to you.


What are our goals?

Unlike large companies that rely on cheap mass production in the Far East, we have set ourselves the goal of manufacturing our products in our own small factory in Germany. Freely after the slogan: Quality instead of quantity. 
Our focus is on the production of sustainable and timeless products from natural raw materials - preferably from materials directly from the region.
And another criterion is of particular importance to us: the use of recyclable materials. 
Even in the choice of packaging materials, we consciously avoid plastics that are harmful to the environment. From the adhesive tape used to the filling material, everything is biodegradable and thus protects our environment.



Doing good together

With every purchase you not only support a young growing team from the heart of the Ruhr area, but you also help us to reforest local forests!
From every order we invest a part back into our environment, from which the raw materials for production were taken.
We don't just want to talk about sustainability, we want to put it into practice!
Help us to give something back to the environment.